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Discover how to recognise and master the subtle fears that control your life and decisions



Master your fears in your relationships and you will have deeper connections and happiness



Are your fears and self-doubts holding your business back from the success it deserves?


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Starting her first successful business as a teenager to put herself through school, after choosing to walk away from the abusive environment she had been brought up in, is just the beginning to this fearless females journey.

With a history as a seasoned entrepreneur, Tegan Mathews has created and built successful companies from startup in varied industries ranging from fashion, dating, and fitness, through to energy conservation and her latest in digital marketing.

She has an innate ability to uncover problems and create businesses that align with her intersection of solving problems whilst making peoples lives easier, better, or both.

She also knows what it's like to fail and after losing everything and coming back to do it bigger and better the second time around, she understands the work that's involved in overcoming adversity and what causes a business to fail.

Through her personal life and career as an entrepreneur, Tegan has had to face fear on a constant basis and as a qualified Fearless Living Coach, she attributes her success to learning how to understand, recognise and master her fears. She shares some of that in her latest book Facing Fears and her upcoming book Facing Fears in Business.

"For most people fear, in all its different forms, tends to control the choices and decisions we make and often stops us from fulfilling our life purpose. Those subtle and inconspicuous ways that fear manipulates you into thinking that it is protecting you and keeping you safe, that is where the answers lay. I've spent the last twelve years studying fear in depth and how it affects people, their relationships and their businesses and I created Facing Fears to share what I have learnt and to provide a platform to have access to the tools you need to understand and master the fears that are holding you back from being and doing all you were born to do." - Tegan


Facing Fears the Book is now available on Amazon


Fear is the self-doubt that stops you from being all that you were born to be. It’s that voice that says “you don’t have to do this” when your heart is telling you that you do. It’s those subconscious memories of an experience that hurt you years ago that makes you too afraid to be yourself with the partner that you have today or start that business you truly want to.

We are born fearless and it’s only the experiences and how we choose to perceive them that create the fears in our lives. Being your true self, expressing how you really feel, having the courage to take steps and living a life on purpose are all things that your fear will tell you not to do in order to keep you ‘safe’.

The Facing Fears website has been created to support you on a journey to discover how to master and manage your own fears so that you can have more courage, more confidence and create more connection in your life and your business. It is our intention that Facing Fears will provide you with the inspiration, support and encouragement that you need to ensure that you stop hiding and start shining your true self to the world. Isn't it time you found the courage to fly?




Facing Fears in life, love and business can be challenging at times when you choose to face them head on. But you don’t have to face your fears alone. Become part of the Facing Fears community and you will find there are lots of women, just like you, who have learnt to master their fears and are still mastering their fears as they continue on their journey following their hearts and stretching their comfort zones to remove their masks of fear.


Visit The Fearless Females Podcast and listen to inspirational real life stories of how other women, just like you, have faced their fears and overcome challenges and adversity to become the women they are today.


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Download the 5 easy steps to Facing any Fear and Discover Freedom Today


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