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Facing Fears in Love

7 Self-Love Benefits

7 Benefits Of Learning The Art Of Self Love By Tegan Marshall Of Facing Fears Dark Background

We all have an innate desire to be loved. It’s one of the six core human needs according to Maslow. If you say that you don’t, no matter how tough you might think you are, everybody needs love and you’ll be denying yourself the joy and benefits that love can bring. In my experience, there…

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Facing your fears visualization technique

Facing Your Fears Visualization Technique By Tegan Marshall Image Of Relaxed Courageous Woman

Let’s face it, feeling afraid sucks! It’s an icky feeling that no-one really ever wants to spend any time experiencing. It can make us procrastinate, hold us back, stop us from getting started or just plain freeze us in our tracks, just going through the motions but not actually getting anywhere. But it doesn’t have…

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How I learned the art of self-love

Facing Fears Blog On How I Learned The Art Of Self Love By Tegan Marshall

Had enough of all the positive memes on your FB feed that keep telling you the answer to all your problems is to just love yourself but they never tell you how? A friend of mine brought this to my attention the other day by posting the great question “how do you learn to love…

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When focusing on the present moment is not a good idea

Facing Fears Blog on when focusing on the present moment is not a good idea

When present moment is not a good thing So many people, including myself, preach about the benefits of focusing on the present moment. If you are centred on the future it usually means you are worried about something that might happen which only feeds your fears. If you are re-living past experiences and letting them…

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You are not alone this Christmas

Facing Fears Blog - You are not alone this Christmas

You are not alone this Christmas Christmas time is challenging for most people for different reasons. This is especially true for those who are alone at Christmas. Those who’s families are in a different country, those who don’t have a loving partner in their lives at the moment, and those who don’t have a family…

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The journey of self publishing a book

Two years ago today I began the journey of self publishing a book by entering the KPI program. This program teaches you everything you need to know to become a key person of influence in your industry. Part of that process is to write a book as it adds credibility and is basically like a…

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What if I dont want to be fearless?

What if I dont want to be fearless

Wouldn’t it be easier to just avoid those niggling feelings? Isn’t ignorance bliss? Why do I have to face my fears? What if I don’t want to be fearless? Being fearless just sounds like so much more hard work. Can’t I just ignore my fears and they will go away? What’s interesting with fears is…

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What’s stopping you from having it all?

Facing Fears Blog - what's stopping you from having it all

What’s stopping you from having it all might be that you think you can’t or think you shouldn’t. I’ve been told several times throughout my life that you can’t have it all by people who I respected and admired. This caused me to think that I couldn’t. It also led me to feel guilty for…

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Facing the Fear of Happiness

Fear of Happiness

Facing the Fear of Happiness. Facing the fear of happiness is a real life problem for a lot of people. In the western world as we all strive for the ultimate goal of happiness I’ve discovered that all too often people are afraid to allow themselves the satisfaction of feeling happy. Instead, opting to protect…

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Make This Year The Year You Fear-Less

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