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The Invisible Injury Header

The invisible injury

By Tegan Marshall | May 17, 2020
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When someone has an accident and loses a limb or is visibly scarred their injury is one they will carry for the rest of their lives and it is an injury that is obvious to the world. When they meet someone there is empathy for their struggles. They didn’t have a choice in what happened…

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Surrender And Let Go To Grow Header

Surrender and let go to grow

It’s natural to build walls around our hearts and souls to protect us as we navigate through life’s adventures and…

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Tegan Marshall Blog Post On Not Letting Your Past Define Your Future Scaled

Don’t let your past define your future

Don’t let your past define your future… I definitely had emotionally abusive adoptive parents (thankfully my real parents that I…

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Feeling Alone Image For Blog By Tegan Marshall

Feeling alone? Are you choosing loneliness

As the car pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road I looked out the rear window and…

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Tegan Marshall 7 Tips For Taming The Black Dog Of Depression As An Entrepreneur

Taming the black dog of depression as an entrepreneur

I wanted to call this post “I wish I was dead” but decided against it because it was, well, too…

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Stress Free Christmas Is Possible With These Five Tips By Tegan Marshall

How to have a stress-free Christmas

Christmas time can be a hugely stressful and overwhelming experience for most families. The budget usually blows out, the credit…

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Facing Fears Blog On How I Learned The Art Of Self Love By Tegan Marshall

How I learned the art of self-love

Had enough of all the positive memes on your FB feed that keep telling you the answer to all your…

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Facing Fears Blog - You are not alone this Christmas

You are not alone this Christmas

You are not alone this Christmas Christmas time is challenging for most people for different reasons. This is especially true…

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How I overcame being afraid of childhood memories

As a young adult, I used to have only a handful of childhood memories. It was like there was a…

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How traveling saved me from Coronavirus

The main image for this blogpost is the current view from our balcony during the lockdown. I don’t share it to gloat. Far from it. I share it to show you what’s possible. And because as we sit here looking out at the Caribbean ocean I’ve suddenly realized all the ways that traveling saved me…

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