Fear of Failure

Facing your fears visualization technique

Facing Your Fears Visualization Technique By Tegan Marshall Image Of Relaxed Courageous Woman

Let’s face it, feeling afraid sucks! It’s an icky feeling that no-one really ever wants to spend any time experiencing. It can make us procrastinate, hold us back, stop us from getting started or just plain freeze us in our tracks, just going through the motions but not actually getting anywhere. But it doesn’t have…

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1 of 365 Acts of Courage

How to feel safe and banish the illusion of security

1 of 365 Acts of Courage and Kindness My first act of courage Last year I decided the best way for me to inspire people to face their fears in the world is to do it myself. In the eyes of others, I have always been fairly courageous. I think you have to be in…

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Make This Year The Year You Fear-Less

19 Ways To Fear Less In 2019 3d Cover

Download The 19 Steps To Fear-Less In 2019