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Fear of judgment

7 Self-Love Benefits

7 Benefits Of Learning The Art Of Self Love By Tegan Marshall Of Facing Fears Dark Background

We all have an innate desire to be loved. It’s one of the six core human needs according to Maslow. If you say that you don’t, no matter how tough you might think you are, everybody needs love and you’ll be denying yourself the joy and benefits that love can bring. In my experience, there…

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Facing your fears visualization technique

Facing Your Fears Visualization Technique By Tegan Marshall Image Of Relaxed Courageous Woman

Let’s face it, feeling afraid sucks! It’s an icky feeling that no-one really ever wants to spend any time experiencing. It can make us procrastinate, hold us back, stop us from getting started or just plain freeze us in our tracks, just going through the motions but not actually getting anywhere. But it doesn’t have…

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How to let go of expectations for a happier Christmas

Facing Fears Blog - how to let go of expectations for a happier Christmas

How to let go of expectations for a happier Christmas Expectations set us up for failure every single time. Fear uses expectations against us to support our negative beliefs or to hold us (and others) to unrealistic standards. Thus keeping us trapped in the merry-go-round of being controlled by our fears instead of living in…

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How to avoid overwhelm at Christmas time

How to avoid overwhelm at Christmas - Facing Fears Blog

How to avoid overwhelm at Christmas Who else here gets overwhelmed at Christmas? If you would like to discover how to avoid overwhelm this Christmas then read on. I am going to give you seven easy steps to understand what it is, what causes overwhelm, how to avoid it AND how to deal with it…

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7 Steps to overcome fear of judgment in business


7 Steps to overcome fear of judgement and shine the light on your business So…you’ve started a business, the products are all sorted, the website is up and running and now it’s time to promote your business. You find yourself procrastinating, avoiding networking opportunities, and responding slowly to leads. You see everyone else out there…

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Make This Year The Year You Fear-Less

19 Ways To Fear Less In 2019 3d Cover

Download The 19 Steps To Fear-Less In 2019