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Has the love faded from your relationship?

Are you single and struggling to find 'the one'?

Would you like more depth and connection in your friendships?

being brave in love

The Facing Fears in Love Program is fondly called Kissing Frogs because often you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Created by Tegan after years of coaching singles and couples through the challenges of love in life. Kissing Frogs draws on her own life lessons and those of Rhonda Britten, Louise Hay, Dr. Schlessinger and many others.

You will find the Kissing Frogs program unique, refreshing, and sometimes amusing. It will challenge your beliefs as Tegan's approach is definitely different, but by the end of it none of that will matter because it works.

Here's a little about the program:

pink hearts-landscapeKissing Frogs is about understanding how fear controls your emotions and the choices you make when it comes to choosing a partner in life and how you treat them and yourself when in a relationship.

It’s about knowing who you are, being clear on what is really important to you and then not settling for less.

It’s about learning to love who you are, which includes all the good and the ‘bad’, in order to be able to love someone else.

Kissing Frogs is about having the courage to be vulnerable, understanding the power that is in vulnerability and having the strength to let the true you shine through when you are with someone.

It’s about establishing respect, setting boundaries and sharing admiration for both you and the other person.

It’s about creating meaningful friendships and developing the communication skills to provide depth in your connection with others.

It’s about seeing yourself, sometimes for the first time, and learning how to love that person more than you ever have before.



Here’s an outline of some of the topics we cover:

• Love isn't always about you

• How silent contracts kill relationships

• Setting boundaries & consequences

• Feelings lie when you are afraid

• Chemistry is between your ears

• The practice of being yourself

• Finding courage to remove your mask

• Managing loss and its part in love

• Having courageous conversations

• Turning the feminine back on

• Appreciation and all its benefits

• Meeting your needs without sex


The Kissing Frogs program is an eight week program designed for anyone who is in a relationship OR wants a relationship. It’s also for those who just want to have more meaningful friendships in their life. The program provides you with the knowledge and tools to create lasting love and connection in your life.

Even if you have given up on love, this program will give you a different perspective and the chance to at least learn to love you a little more.

The Kissing Frogs program will challenge your thoughts, teach you to master your feelings and to understand the difference between your head and your heart connection.

Kissing Frogs Programs

Kissing Frogs 10Day eCourse

$197 AUD
  • Designed for the self driven person who wants to go learn in their own time, and are disciplined enough to do the necessary work and implement the strategies themselves. Includes:
  • Daily KISSING FROGS training videos
  • Exercise playsheets
  • Facing Fears Daily Motivation emails

Kissing Frogs 6wk Course

$329 AUD
  • If you are ready to turn up the love and happiness in your life then this is for you. Designed for those who love to work together with a group, appreciate the dynamics and growth that a group can bring and are willing to provide the respect and confidentiality to create a safe space for each member. This is what creates change. Includes:
  • Weekly KISSING FROGS training video lessons and exercise playsheets
  • Three KISSING FROGS Q&A webinars with Tegan
  • Private Fearless Females Facebook support group
  • Facing Fears Daily Motivation emails

Private One on One Coaching

$1197 AUD
  • Private Facing Fears in Love coaching is available with Coach Tegan via application only. If you would like one on one coaching, or couples coaching please fill in the application and she will be in touch with you soon. Includes:
  • Access to all the Facing Fears in Love Program
  • Customised program schedule
  • Weekly live webinar with Tegan
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Weekly motivation emails
  • Weekly 45 min one on one session with Tegan
  • Unlimited email support
  • 1 bonus 15 min support call per week


Here’s what some people who have completed the program have said...

From the outside looking in, we seemed to have a great marriage but I was really unhappy. I had been seeing a counsellor to work out what to do and hadn't got very far. When I came along to one of Tegans Love workshops I discovered that I still loved my husband but had forgotten how to. We had both become so busy in our lives that we didn't know who we were anymore. It's been six months since and I'm happy to say that we are back in love again. Thanks Tegan! You saved our marriage.     - Tamara, San Francisco

I was super sceptical when I started the program but my good friend had said that I should do it. I found it was really different to most things that I had read, Tegan has a really direct way of cutting through your B.S. and soon I found I was enjoying the weekly exercises instead of dreading them. I even began to like myself a bit more and have since then found the courage to start dating again but don't worry Tegan I am doing my journalling and wont let my heart carry me away this time.                                     - Barbara, Melbourne

I had read the book and got a lot out of it but was still wanting more so I decided to do the program. It went a lot deeper and being able to connect with Tegan each week meant that I learnt about my fears on a whole new level. I had never thought of my partner as innocent before and it gave me a whole new perspective. We now talk a lot more and he tells me that I am a lot better to be around. Sorry Tegan, I'm not going to tell him, I'm going to take all the credit LOL I'm sure you wont mind.        - Joeline, Brisbane

About your Kissing Frogs Instructor


Tegan Mathews is a qualified Fearless Living coach through the Fearless Living Institute in Colorado, USA. Having also completed the Fearless Loving program Tegan has gone on to coach singles and couples over the past ten years to take them from fear to love, connection and beyond.

Providing clients with the tools to support them to have more love, connection and intimacy in their life both with others and with themselves.

Her coaching style is always done with kindness as a priority and with a certain level of accountability and firm encouragement to take you beyond your fears and comfort zone, where the real answers lay.

Tegan has a different point of view than most other women so be prepared to have your beliefs challenged and your behaviours questioned. By the end of it you will love her, almost everyone does, but more importantly, you'll love you a whole lot more. 



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