Master the Top 7 Fears

Every Woman Has

Over the past ten years there have been 7 specific fears that the majority of my clients wanted to manage in order to create the life they'd always dreamed of. Mastering these 7 fears can have the biggest effect on your confidence, self esteem and your life! So I've created a seven part eCourse which will show you how to master these top 7 fears. Here's what you'll get:

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  • An instructional video covering each fear and how it works
  • A play sheet with exercises to practice your new skills
  • A copy of the video script to download and refer back to

Receive the complete 7 day mini eCourse for only $147 AUD

Here are the top 7 fears covered in the eCourse

There are 7 top fears that most women can either relate to or want to master in their own lives. In this mini eCourse you'll find out how to recognise each one when it shows up in yours or someone else's behaviours and receive exercises you can do to practice the mastery of each one. 

  • Fear of Rejection - Become unaffected by the word no
  • Fear of Change - Comfortable with any future change
  • Fear of Being Yourself - No more concern at being judged
  • Fear of Vulnerability - Discover how courageous you can be 
  • Fear of Failure/Success - Create a life of abundance
  • Fear of Not Being Enough - Grow inner quiet confidence
  • Fear of Being Unlovable - Expand your self esteem and love

Receive the complete 7 day mini eCourse for only $147 AUD